Candid shots Mexican supermodel

Candid shots Mexican supermodel 31-year-old Mexican model Elsa Benitez blew up the Internet with their candid photos.31-year-old Mexican model Elsa Benitez, which has repeatedly featured in Sports Illustrated magazine, was a well-known brand of lingerie Victoria's Secret and became the main character of the clip Enrique Iglesias Love To See You Cry, was photographed naked while sunbathing.Benitez has not left little to the imagination and appeared in front of cameras from all angles, one another openly.As evil joke tabloid journalists, on the page which of course got a supermodel, "it was possible to study anatomy".Elsa Benitez four times were included in the list of "99 most beautiful women in the world poll - 2nd place in 2002, 11 in 2003, 7 in 2005 and 34 in 2006.Elsa Benitez was born in Sonora, Mexico, in 1977. In 1995 she won the contest of young models and started her career first at home in Mexico, then in new York and Europe.Signing a contract with Elite ModelБенитес filmed for the covers of leading magazines.She became the face of the advertising campaign Dolce&Gabbana, and has also posed for the Pirelli calendar in 1999. Source: Candid shots Mexican supermodel (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Schwarzenegger and Stallone will play together for the first time

Schwarzenegger and Stallone will play together for the first timeArnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone will play together for the first time in one movie. This happens on the set of bollywood film "Incredible Love" ("Incredible love"), writes The Times.Picture, the main role in which plays bollywood stars, Indian producers to shoot in the US, shooting in the Studio Universal Studios.In the film, will talk about the actor from the crowd that is looking for recognition in Hollywood.The budget "Incredible Love" will be the largest in the history of bollywood - 22 million dollars. Source: Schwarzenegger and Stallone will play together for the first time. . . . Читать полностью -->

The hottest kisses of the stars of this summer

The hottest kisses of the stars of this summer The stars are tired of hiding my feelings, so summer heat is not only due to solar activity, but also kisses the most famous people in the world, the beauty of which is appreciated by People magazine.Source: The hottest kisses of the stars of this summer (photos). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

`VIA Gra` is on the verge of collapse

`VIA Gra` is on the verge of collapse"VIA Gra" a few years ago was the most popular girl band in the country. However, now the situation has changed for the group not for the better.So, now the performance of "VIA gra" you can get by paying 30 thousand dollars for a concert, and at times reduce the price to 15 thousand, writes"Komsomolskaya Pravda". The group "Brilliant" because of frequent changes also dropped in price: the concert can "buy" for only 10 thousand dollars. This former member of the collective Zhanna Friske for half an hour solo concert takes 20 thousand euros, the same "worth" and ex-shiny Anna Semenovich.The former soloist of group "VIA Gra" is also quite successful in a single voyage. Bright brunette Nadia Meyher (who became famous under the name of the co-producer) has worked on television's flagship program about love. Blonde Vera Brezhnev last summer finally built a family with the beloved man. Читать полностью -->

Ronnie wood wants to spend money on young mistress

Ronnie wood wants to spend money on young mistress20-year-old Muscovite Katia Ivanova meets with the multimillionaire, however, in all likelihood, she is not receiving any material benefit.Elderly "rolling" Ronnie so miserly that the poor thing has 4 days to go in the same clothes, writes The Daily Mail.Paparazzi shot of Kate when she came out of the love nest of the wood, and the girl was absolutely the same kit, and 4 days ago when she arrived at the apartment of his musician. Her clothing: green jacket, blue pleated skirt-plaid, a black sweater with long sleeves, black tights, and high suede boots - have not changed. In addition, the head of the girl was the same stripe with flower, and on his shoulder - the same black bag Waterstones.Yes, and Ronnie started treating clothing with great disdain. While coming from home, he wore the same sweater and the same jacket as the 4 days ago.However, the rocker, like a true gentleman, still did not leave his lady love without a cute gift. Recovered after a 6-week course of treatment in a rehabilitation clinic, the guitarist of The Rolling Stones equipped luxury apartment for trysts with his mistress there and bought a huge king-size bed.For a new furnish the bedroom of his apartment in North London, Ronnie ordered another sofa, mountains of boxes and bags. It is known that wood is not only a rock musician. Читать полностью -->

Lesbian experiments Sienna Miller

Lesbian experiments Sienna MillerActress Sienna Miller (Sienna Miller) argues that in the past have experimented with their sexuality. In particular, kissed her friends at the boarding school for girls."We had a long and passionate lesbian kiss as she told the newspaper "Daily Star". - Not every day, of course, from time to time, but... you know: who didn't play like in his youth?". . . Читать полностью -->

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